Northern Lighting Co. Services

Holiday Lighting: 

Make each holiday special with creative and unique lighting from Northern Lighting.  We specialize in Christmas lighting, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July and the 24th of  July.

Wedding Lights:

Let us hang a few lights for you over head creating a canopy and romantic atmosphere truly perfect for the occasion.

Event Lighting:

Transform your next event into a perfect atmosphere your guests.


Perfect for celebrations that want to stand out from the crowd. Make this one, one to remember.

Deck and patio lighting:

Want something different? Try our lights around your patio or deck for years of enjoyment.

Cal's Squeaky Clean Services

Window Cleaning

We can clean all of your windows inside and outside including those hard to reach ones. We use Little Giant Ladders which allows us to reach high interior windows. Our services also include an outside cleaning and a custom selection of windows chosen by our customers. Our servics are specifically designed with you in mind.

Track Cleaning

We go above and beyond a quick wipe down of your window tracks; this service includes taking the window out and sometimes removing the track to remove all the debris left behind. This service can be performed at anytime, not just after construction cleanup.

Gutter Cleaning

By offering to remove leaves and foreign objects from the rain gutters, we fee we are helping to protect yor house from sagging edges and possible leakage or ice dams in the winter.

Pressure Washing

It's just nice to have things clean and neat. In our Utah climate there isn't much need for high pressure to remove moss and mold as in wetter climates, but surprisingly there is a substantial amount of dust and dirt that can make things dull and gritty.

Screen Repair

Most screens can be repaired onsite at your location or ours and quickly returned. We can replace the entire screen or just a corner. It sure beats having to drive to the window repair shop and then wait several weeks for them to get around to it.

Service Areas:

Our service areas include: Davis, Weber, Morgan, Salt Lake, and Summit Counties. We can travel outside those areas for a small fee.